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The Navigate On The Go

Moms these days are busy. From playdates to meetings to keeping up with the housework, you’re not guaranteed to be in one place at all times. When you add a child on-the-go into the mix, you’re going to need help keeping your child in the same place as you. Most baby gate designs that are currently being marketed toward mothers don’t take into account the busy lifestyles that mothers have, and the need for ease and convenience when it comes to setting up and taking down a baby gate. Baby gates are often awkward and not user-friendly. The Navigate however, is different.

The Navigate was designed with busy mothers in mind! The Navigate is an expandable baby gate that is easily portable and can be used in various environments. The Navigate is lightweight and has a v-shaped design that allows the baby gate to securely fit onto non-conforming walls. As a mom, your top priority is the safety of your child, and you don’t want to have to compromise the things you want to do with your child due to the lack of child security wherever you may be going.

Stairs, Doors, And Non-conforming Surfaces

The Navigate extends between 28-45 inches allowing you to use our expandable baby gate in multiple locations. Whether you need to secure an area that involves stairs, doors, or non-conforming surfaces such as cabinets or railings, our ratcheting system has been designed to only take seconds from your day and securely fit onto whatever surface you need to attach your Navigate to. When you have a child, you often feel the need to tailor the decor in your home to fit the needs of your child, but with the Navigate, you can tailor your existing space to fit the needs of your child without any major decor or structural changes.

Taking Your Navigate On-The-Go

The Navigate comes with a carrying case that makes packing up your portable baby gate easier than ever. When collapsed, the Navigate is only 27” x 5”. When packed in the carrying case, the Navigate is only five pounds, making it easy for you to throw over your shoulder and forget it’s even there. When you think about all of the other things you’ll need to bring with you when you take your small child somewhere, the Navigate will be the easiest thing you have to carry compared to the diaper bag, stroller, and of course, your child! Whether you have a playdate to take your child to and you’re uncertain of the space you’ll be in, or you want to have friends over for an outdoor barbeque, but you’re worried about the stairs on the deck, the Navigate will be there for you to use in any space.

The Navigate Is Perfect For Travel

The Navigate is here to make traveling with your child easier. Just because you have a little one doesn’t mean that you have to forgo all of the fun things you did before your family grew. Traveling is a wonderful way to make memories with your family and with the Navigate, you don’t have to worry about how you’ll keep your child safe in whatever hotel or vacation rental you’ll be staying in. The Navigate is small enough to take on any airplane as a carry-on item, keeping you from having to check one more item of luggage. With the Navigate, you no longer have to worry about how you’ll accommodate the safety of your child depending on the environment you’re in. The Navigate conforms to the environment you’re in and eases your mind when it comes to planning your life around kid-friendly destinations.

For busy moms with on-the-go lifestyles, the Navigate is the portable and expandable baby gate you’ll need. Purchase your Navigate today!