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The Expandable Baby Gate For Your Next Party

Every parent wants the option of being able to take their child with them wherever they happen to be going. Parents also want the ability to not have to worry about what their little one is getting into when they aren’t watching their child’s every move. When parents are worried about their little one, it often keeps them from enjoying things like parties or even small get-togethers for the fear of their child getting away from them and getting hurt.

With the Navigate expandable baby gate, you’ll no longer have to wonder what your child is getting into when you’re not able to watch everything they’re doing, especially if you have company over. The Navigate is also a portable safety gate and it can easily be moved and set up in whatever environment you happen to find yourself in. The Navigate can fit any space from 28-45 inches wide, and the Navigate will keep your child safe from any hazards they may find if they were to roam the house unattended.

Indoor Parties

When you use the Navigate expandable baby gate, you won’t have to worry about what most parents are worrying about when they have guests over, which is where their little one is and what they’re getting into. If you’re at a stage in life where you have children, it’s also likely that your friends have children as well. This can mean that get-togethers with your friends are often a whole lot of chasing the children around, and not a whole lot of parents getting to enjoy their time together.

The Navigate is the perfect solution for keeping the little ones at your party wrangled and in one place so the adults don’t have to worry about chasing them all over the house. If you’re planning on having a dinner party, setting up the Navigate expandable baby gate to block off the living room for the children to play in while you host your guests in the dining room will offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy adult conversation, but still have a clear view of all the children.

Outdoor Parties

Outdoor parties can pose a bit more of a challenge for keeping all of the children at your party in one place. However, for your next backyard barbeque, the Navigate can offer the perfect solution for blocking off your deck in order to keep the children either on the deck in order to keep a closer eye on them or, the Navigate will fit perfectly at the bottom of your deck stairs in order to keep the children playing in the yard. When you don’t have to worry about your little one finding their way up the deck stairs, you’re free to enjoy the time with your guests.

Hired Help

If you and your friends want to plan an adult-only party and not have to worry about what the little ones are up to, you may want to consider hiring one or two babysitters to watch all of the kids at the location of the party, but in a separate room. One of the reasons parents don’t often get together for adult-only parties has a lot to do with the cost of care for children. However, if you and your friends chip in to hire a couple of babysitters and ask them to watch your little ones, say in an upstairs or basement room while the adults gather in the dining room, you may be able to have a bit more time for friends in your busy parenting life.

With the Navigate in place at the door of the room the children are in, you don’t have to feel like you’re completely cut off from your kids if someone happens to start crying or need something, but with the help of a babysitter, you won’t have to drop everything and run to see who took which toy away from who.

Whether you’re planning on having a more laid-back party and don’t mind keeping an eye on the little ones when they’re contained in the living room, or you’d like to have a more adult-focused party and choose to hire help and keep the kids in a separate room, the Navigate will be there for you to install in the entry of the room the children are in.

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