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Safety And Durability For Your Child

Choosing a child security gate can be challenging when you’re looking for something that is both safe and durable. Most baby gates on the market today don’t fit the areas in our houses that we need them to perfectly, making the gate look as though it’s awkwardly shoved into place, and making it less safe for our children. Parents shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety and durability when it comes to finding the right child security gate. The Navigate retractable child gate has the safety and durability features you want when it comes to protecting your child from hazardous areas in your home.


The Navigate has a unique design with its v-shaped sides that allow for it to attach to non-conforming surfaces that can be hard to get traditional, straight-edge safety gates to attach to. The Navigate also has a ratcheting system that allows you to grab and squeeze until the child security gate is safely locked into place. With the Navigate, you won’t have to worry about your baby gate coming loose or not properly fitting into the area you need to keep your child closed off from, ensuring that your child will stay safely in the area you want them.

The Navigate is also made of mesh cloth and has a soft lining to guarantee that your little one won’t hurt themselves on any wood or metal, which are typically used on standard baby gates. In addition to the cushion our mesh gate gives your child, it also allows for easy visibility of your child and doesn’t block any sound from the area your child is playing in.


When you want to keep your little one from getting into other areas of the house with a child security gate, it’s only natural for them to be curious about the other parts of the house they’re missing out on. Your little one may want to try and escape through the baby gate you’ve put into place. Not to worry, the Navigate child security gate can withstand fifty pounds of pressure and certainly won’t budge at the curiosity of your child.

If you’re looking for a child security gate that you won’t have to compromise on safety or durability with, the Navigate retractable child gate is for you! You can move the Navigate from room to room and keep your child safe no matter what room you need to keep your little one in. Buy your Navigate child security gate today!