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How to Be a Child Security Gate Pro - Part 3

Trying to choose a child security gate can be overwhelming. There are so many different types and brands to choose from! At the end of the day, it’s your child’s safety on the line, so finding a safety gate that is both convenient and strong is a priority. The good news is, the creators of Navigate went through all the struggles you’re facing! We tried many different gates and eventually realized we needed to make our own. The result is a child security gate made by parents for parents!

Obtaining the best safety gate is only half the battle. Now you have to find the right place to put it! The Navigate can handle a diverse range of wall shapes and surfaces, which gives it unparalleled flexibility. It will be most useful to you when you have a good strategy for implementing it to protect your little one.  


  • This one may seem obvious. We all know the garage is full of dangerous chemicals and objects that are significant threats to little ones. However, many people fail to protect their children from the garage because they never expect a child to get in there in the first place.

  • The problem is, kids do get into garages. They have even been known to lock themselves into cars and suffer from heat or cold. They can also get trapped under garage doors. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to have a gate in front of your garage door so your child never even has the chance to get into danger.


  • We can’t talk about the garage without bringing up the only place that is more dangerous: the kitchen. Your kitchen is full of dangerous items, from the dishwasher soap beneath the sink to the heavy fridge door.

  • You should always have the kitchen blocked off, and if you need to have your child in the kitchen with you, strap him or her into a baby seat or high chair. You can also look into playpens that will allow your child more movement while keeping him or her away from danger.  

  • We also recommend that you invest in special latches and door knobs to act as an extra line of defense between your child and any threats to his or her well being. That way, if a gate, belt, or playpen fails, your child won’t be in immediate danger. You’ll have time to notice what has happened and fix things before anything serious goes wrong.

As parents, we know how important your child’s safety is, and we are proud to provide a gate that other parents can trust. Your child should be able to explore and enjoy his or her world while staying safe, and keeping your child safe is easy when you have a Navigate. This dynamic safety gate is designed to travel anywhere and stay put when you need it to, no matter how oddly-shaped the walls may be. There is no other safety gate like it on the market. Shop today!