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Dangers In The Home For Children

When you’ve got a toddler or a crawling baby in your home, there are certain dangers that you’ll want to be on the lookout for, and to keep your child away from. A great way to ensure that you keep your child away from any unwanted dangers in the home is to buy the Navigate child security gate. The key is to create a room in your home that is the safest for your little one to crawl around in and then block that room off from the rest of the house so you don’t have to worry about your child getting out and finding ways to get into trouble.

With that being said, your little one can’t stay in one room of the house at all times. It really is important to make sure you babyproof your entire home. Today, we will go over important things to remember when you’re babyproofing your home.

Things Your Child May Find On The Floor

When you’re thinking about what your new crawler or toddler may find when they’re cruising around on all-fours, or their tiny little legs, you’ll want to think about what they’ll find closest to them. Since the floor is the closest in proximity to your child, it’s good to be on the lookout for floor-specific dangers.

Outlets and powerstrips: You’ll want to be sure to get outlet covers for any outlets that are not being utilized. Powerstrips should have outlet covers on them as well and they should be placed behind furniture items. If you have an outlet that is being utilized, try and place a piece of furniture or a plant in front of it so your little one doesn’t try and pull the plug out of the outlet.

Cabinets: These are easy for your child to find and pull open. Cabinets often offer a whole new world of trouble and things to get into when your little one finds a cabinet that hasn’t been locked. Make sure you install safety locks on all cabinets and doors that are easy to pull open. This will keep your child from getting into the flour or from breaking that expensive serving bowl you received as a wedding present.

Things Your Child May Be Able To Reach For

While your little one will probably spend the majority of their time on the floor or closest to the floor, when you have a toddler who can walk, or even a crawler who is getting better at pulling themselves up using household objects, you’ll want to protect your child from things that they may be able to reach for.

Toilets: You may not think about it, but a toilet is a perfectly viable option for your child to reach onto and want to look into. You don’t want your little one to experience their fingers getting caught in the middle of a falling toilet seat lid or finding that their little fingers happened to be splashing around in the toilet bowl.

Doors: These may be a stretch for some of your little ones. However, sooner or later, your child will be able to reach for the doorknob and pull open any door that you may not want them to open. Doorknob covers may make a door a little awkward for us adults to open, but in the long-run, they are a safety precaution that will keep your child from making an escape you aren’t prepared for. If you have a door that you need to keep open at all times, but it leads to a room you don’t want your child to get into, the Navigate is the perfect solution for your needs.

These are just some of the household objects you may find your child trying to get their hands on. It is important to take a thorough survey of your home and find any sharp objects that may be in reach of your little one. Hard objects that may be easy to bump into or fall down on should be moved to higher ground.

Every home is different and home decor is so wide in variety, if there’s something in your home that you’re not sure if your little one could get into or get hurt touching, error on the side of caution and move the object to keep your child safe. Also, try to be aware of objects that you only take out on occasion but could be dangerous for your little one to find if you leave it sitting out such as a laptop or tablet. Anything that little fingers could find a way to fit into should not be left out for your child to find.

When you have a crawling baby or a young toddler, you want to be sure to protect them in every way possible. The Navigate child security gate will play an important role in keeping your child safe and secure in your home. Buy the Navigate today!