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How to Be a Child Security Gate Pro - Part 3

Trying to choose a child security gate can be overwhelming. There are so many different types and brands to choose from! At the end of the day, it’s your child’s safety on the line, so finding a safety gate that is both convenient and strong is a priority. The good news is, the creators of Navigate went through all the struggles you’re facing! We tried many different gates and eventually realized we needed to make our own. The result is a child security gate made by parents for parents!

Obtaining the best safety gate is only half the battle. Now you have to find the right place to put it! The Navigate can handle a diverse range of wall shapes and surfaces, which gives it unparalleled flexibility. It will be most useful to you when you have a good strategy for implementing it to protect your little one.  


  • This one may seem obvious. We all know the garage is full of dangerous chemicals and objects that are significant threats to little ones. However, many people fail to protect their children from the garage because they never expect a child to get in there in the first place.

  • The problem is, kids do get into garages. They have even been known to lock themselves into cars and suffer from heat or cold. They can also get trapped under garage doors. Therefore, it’s incredibly important to have a gate in front of your garage door so your child never even has the chance to get into danger.


  • We can’t talk about the garage without bringing up the only place that is more dangerous: the kitchen. Your kitchen is full of dangerous items, from the dishwasher soap beneath the sink to the heavy fridge door.

  • You should always have the kitchen blocked off, and if you need to have your child in the kitchen with you, strap him or her into a baby seat or high chair. You can also look into playpens that will allow your child more movement while keeping him or her away from danger.  

  • We also recommend that you invest in special latches and door knobs to act as an extra line of defense between your child and any threats to his or her well being. That way, if a gate, belt, or playpen fails, your child won’t be in immediate danger. You’ll have time to notice what has happened and fix things before anything serious goes wrong.

As parents, we know how important your child’s safety is, and we are proud to provide a gate that other parents can trust. Your child should be able to explore and enjoy his or her world while staying safe, and keeping your child safe is easy when you have a Navigate. This dynamic safety gate is designed to travel anywhere and stay put when you need it to, no matter how oddly-shaped the walls may be. There is no other safety gate like it on the market. Shop today! 
How to Be a Child Security Gate Pro - Part 2

Home should be the safest place in your child’s world. However, it can be the exact opposite. Little kids who have just learned to get around don’t recognize danger, and it’s up to you to keep them away from it. It can be a very difficult job when you’re keeping a home running. The good news is, there are many different ways to keep your child in a safe area where you can monitor him or her.

Gates that fit across openings can create the perfect, safe play area, but it’s important that you invest in a high-quality product that will stay in place. At Navigate, we struggled with different baby gates, and their inability to conform to irregular openings and maintain protection was very frustrating. It’s what pushed us to create our gate, which can handle all types of walls and stay in place.

Once you have a gate or two to work with, you face a new challenge: where should the gates be placed? The key is finding a safe place for your child to stay. Your choice will be different depending on several circumstances. In the next few blogs, we are going to share different rooms that can be a good place to use a gate.


  • Having your child play within his or her room can be a great idea. You can install a Navigate in the doorway to allow you and your child to see and hear each other while staying safe. You can also use another bedroom if that works better.

  • We recommend you make sure furniture is secured to the walls, just in case your child tries to pull him or herself up on the furniture. You don’t want it to fall down on top of your child!

Living room

  • There’s a good chance that you spend a lot of time in the living room with your child! However, if you have to get things done in another part of the house, you don’t want to leave your child alone. It may be wise to block the living room off so your child can’t get in there without your supervision.

  • When you are in the living room with your child, make sure heavy bookcases are secured and any sharp corners on tables have been covered. We also recommend that you wrap up any electrical cords and tuck them away. This will prevent many common injuries that can happen to your child in the living room.

When you need an expandable safety gate that can handle your active family’s lifestyle, turn to Navigate. We have created a product that not only adapts to different surfaces; it is also light and portable, which makes it one of the most convenient child gates available. It was created by parents who know exactly what is best in a baby gate, and is the answer to the inadequacies in other gates.

Your child’s safety is your first priority, and it’s ours as well. Don’t settle for an inferior baby gate; invest in a gate created by parents for parents

How to Be a Child Security Gate Pro - Part 1

Even though safety gates are essential, many of them can’t handle life’s chaos. No home is shaped like another, and depending on where you need to protect your child, it can be very difficult to find a dependable place to install a gate. The situation can be made worse by people who don’t know how to use gates properly in the first place.

At Navigate, we know all about child safety gates, including the rules of thumb that will ensure they actually protect your child. An improperly-used safety gate can be worse than no gate at all! In our last blog, we explored the importance of letting siblings participate in gate safety. Today, we have three more important tips.

Don’t worry about home decor

  • If you’re worrying about having an unsightly baby gate where company can see it, you aren’t alone. However, deciding not to install a baby gate in order to keep your home aesthetically pleasing really isn’t worth it. No matter how vigilant you promise to be, you cannot keep eyes on your child every second, and unfortunately, a few seconds is all it takes for a child to reach the stairs or get into the wrong drawer. There are thousands of stories about just that - parents who think they can keep tabs on their children and end up learning how impossible it is the hard way.

Don’t assume your child is safe because there’s a gate

  • Once you get your child into what you believe to be a safe place, assume that you can leave him or her unsupervised. While safety gates offer a lot of protection, they aren’t invincible, and you need to keep an eye on your child. Keep an eye on the gate as well. We mentioned this in a previous blog, but it bears repeating: double-checking the gate to ensure that it hasn’t come loose or been adjusted is very important.

Understand how the gate works

  • Gates are kind of like car seats: they all perform the most basic function, but they’re operated differently. They’re also absolutely essential, and can be very dangerous if installed incorrectly. Any gate, including the Navigate, comes with instructions. Make sure you take the time to sit down and read through any and all instructions. As a result, you’ll be able to install the gate correctly and keep your child safe.

At Navigate, we have worked hard to create a child security gate that can handle all sorts of environments without losing its dependability. It can be installed in all different types of locations and against unique wall surfaces, which makes it an incredible option for any family. Not only is it dynamic, it is light and easy to carry. That means it will be your child’s best friend whether you’re on vacation or having a normal day at home. We know you already have to tote plenty of stuff around when you have a child, and we designed the Navigate to not add a lot to your load. Shop our world-class child security gates today!
How to Make Sure Your Baby Gate is Doing Its Job

Your cozy, comfortable home can be a dangerous place to a child. It’s unfortunate but true. The good news is, people have created many different solutions for keeping kiddos safe. Baby-proofing is something that parents have been doing for decades, and you can use their innovations to make your home baby- and child-safe.You just have to make sure you get the ones that work, and many times, it can feel like you’re after a moving target. Kids develop so quickly, it’s difficult to keep up sometimes!

In our last blog, we discussed the importance of proactively setting up gates. Today, we have another valuable baby gate tip to share.

Educate older siblings and practice with them

  • You may meticulously open and close gates and ensure they don’t get bumped, but kids have trouble remembering, which can result in serious hazards. It is inevitable that gates will be left open or bumped out of position. Even if your good-hearted child tries to put the gate back, he or she may not do it right.

  • If you have older children in your household, thoroughly educate them on how the gate works and stress the importance of using it correctly. This will empower your older children, who rarely mean to make mistakes, to protect their little siblings!

Gates are practically a staple in young households. They keep little ones out of potentially dangerous areas and allow parents to take their eyes off their children briefly to get things gone. However, parents have to be able to trust the gates, knowing they will actually hold their positions. At Navigate, we have raised our own little ones, and we know how difficult it can be to find gear you actually trust. That is why we created the Navigate, an expandable baby gate that you can depend on. Shop today!
Are You Being Smart About Your Child Security Gate?

From the moment children are born, parents work hard to keep them safe. Because kids grow so quickly, their capabilities change from day to day. It’s difficult not to be taken by surprise by a child’s new skill, and while this is exciting, it can be dangerous for the child. Protective gates have been a solution for many years, keeping growing kids out of risky rooms and away from stairs. However, trusting your child to a gate that may or may not hold up is a risk in and of itself! There’s nothing worse than turning around and finding a gate down and your child either gone or in a risky place.  

We created the Navigate as an answer to the issues so often presented by run-of-the-mill child security gates, and it has been an incredible success. In our last blog, we shared the importance of checking in with any security gate to make sure it hasn’t been knocked out of position. Today, we have another tip for keeping your little one safe!

Install the gate proactively

  • Installing protective measures after a child has been hurt is too late. All baby-proofing works best if it’s done before the child has developed enough to get in trouble.

  • One thing that people don’t realize is that time really flies when you have a child! Sure, that newborn isn’t going to be crawling around and sticking his fingers into outlets for a few months, but believe us, those months will fly by, and soon you’ll be scrambling after him, looking at your home with completely new eyes.

The Navigate is easy to install and take down, which makes it a fantastic option for parents wanting to be proactive. It travels easily because of its lightweight construction, and you can depend on it to hold up to anything your little one can throw at it. Shop today!


How Do You Find the Best Expandable Safety Gate?

Whether your home has multiple floors or not, , safety gates are a must when your little one develops the ability to get around. At Navigate, we have personal experience in this area, so we understand the panic of realizing a child is getting too close to the stairs or has disappeared from a play area. That is why we worked so hard to create an expandable safety gate that can bring you peace of mind.

No matter what kind of safety gate you have, there are some rules of thumb to always go by. In the next few blogs, we are going to share them with you!

Double-check the gate periodically

  • Even perfectly-installed gates get leaned on, pulled on, and adjusted by little ones. Now, the Navigate is powerful enough to resist the forces a small child can exert on it, but depending on your child’s age, he or she might actually try to fix the gate. Sometimes, adults knock the gates off-position, too!

  • It’s always a good idea to check in with the gate every so often. By doing so, you will avoid seeing a gate you thought to be solid falling over and failing to protect your child.

The Navigate inspires confidence in parents, and with good reason. It offers the vigor of  hefty gate in a light, portable model. Not only can it accommodate irregularly-shaped openings, its ratcheting system makes it easy to install and take down. It is truly the perfect combination of structure and flexibility. You won’t have to worry when your little one reaches up and hangs on the Navigate; it can easily take the weight and stay in place. Its see-through mesh keeps everyone connected, and each surface is designed to be kind to little hands, feet, and limbs. Check out our revolutionary product and invest today!